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How quickly will you deliver?

Our usual day for nationwide delivery is Wednesday but if we have the item in stock and you order by 12 noon we can usually aim to despatch your order the same day. Perishable items can be delivered weekdays Tuesday - Friday.


Please indicate in the instructions section of the order form if any particular day is preferred/to be avoided. If you are not at home to sign for the delivery perishable items can be left at your own risk. Please contact us before ordering to check availability and lead times if you require an item by a specific date.

Where do you deliver to?

Most places on mainland UK can be reached, we regularly deliver to all of the following towns, cities and surrounding areas;


Aylesbury, Bedford, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Reading, Cambridge, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Chester, Chichester, Coventry,  Derby, Dorchester, Dumfries, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Guilford, Hereford, Hertford, Inverness, Ipswich, Kingston upon Hull, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Maidstone, Manchester,  Middlesborough, Morpeth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Taunton, Trowbridge, Truro, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Swansea, Warwick, Winchester, Worcester, Wrexham, York.  

How much will it cost?


We have a minimum order of £55 to qualify for FREE delivery. Specific times are available subject to a surcharge; before noon (£6), before 10:30am (£10) & Saturday (£25). We also deliver free to York and the surrounding area, usually on a Thursday, but other days to suit you.

How much space will it take up In my freezer?

5kg takes up 0.36 cu feet in your freezer or 10 litres, which means the standard combination fridge freezer can hold at least 20kg of Rosewood meat and still have 8 litres of space left over for icecream!

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Pictured here is 5 and 10kgs of meat, taken in a customer's domestic kitchen:

How is the meat packaged?

Our meat is packed in loose polythene freezer packaging to reduce the amount of plastic used compared to vac-packing. We also have many customers who prefer our methods as they find it doesn't taint the meat or alter the texture as do pressureised vac-packs.


Each pack & cut is labelled with information regarding the cut, breed, unique traceability code, packing date & use by dates. The weight of each pack is also individually labelled. Beef & lamb also have colour-coded bag sealing tape to help identify different meats in your freezer.


Delivery is made in specially insulated boxes which will maintain temperature, fresh or frozen, up to 48 hours from packing if kept in cool, dry conditions. We use a local courier company who deliver nationwide.


Do I have to be at home to sign for the delivery?

Ideally, yes, although if you have somewhere safe and appropriate to leave the parcel(s) we can instruct our couriers to delivery without a signature. However, in these circumstances we cannot accept responsibility if the package is lost, damaged or stolen.


In order to ensure that we or the couriers can contact you in the event of any issues regarding the delivery we ask for a contact telephone number without which we cannot guarantee the delivery and an e-mail address is useful for ourselves and the couriers to inform you when your parcel is on it's way.

Is the meat delivered fresh or frozen?

Usually your meat will be delivered frozen. We are a small farm without a weekly throughput of the full range of meats so, to ensure continuity of supply, we maintain a well stocked freezer.  We deep freeze our meat prior to delivery at <-20 degrees to help maintain temperature in transit and providing the box is not opened it will maintain an adequately frozen state up to 48 hours from packing. The meat will arrive ready to go straight into your freezer or to be defrosted and consumed within 5 days from thawing.

Can I arrange delivery for a particular day?

Yes, contact us when or before ordering to arrange a convenient day for delivery. We routinely deliver Tuesday to Friday every week. Saturday is also possible but subject to a £25 courier surcharge. Weekend and evening delivery can also be arranged to addresses within in our free local delivery area which covers all YO postcodes.

Where is your meat butchered?

Our animals are slaughtered and butchered a minimum distance away from the farm. The nearest & most frequent is a small, family run abattoir and butchers shop is just across the road from our nearest fields, in the next village to the farm. The other abattoir of choice is a little further away, in the next village but across the river, so we have to travel a little further to cross the bridge!


We strongly believe in doing the best by our animals, transporting them ourselves and seeing that they are well looked after throughout. We like to support small, local butchers who care about good animal welfare, customer service and a strong, local community. All the animals are fully stunned before slaughter.

Is your meat organic?

No, we are not a registered organic farm. However, our land receives no artificial fertiliser and we do not use pesticides on any of our crops. We grow our own forage crops that are used to feed our cattle & sheep. We only use veterinary medicines where they are needed for animal health & welfare purposes, not as a routine preventative measure. We also record all veterinary medicines used on the farm and you are welcome to the full traceability information we hold for each animal. You can find this information by contacting us with the traceability ID code on all our meat product labels.

Are your animals free range?

Our herd of grassfed cattle are grazed on pasture land throughout the year as long as there is a crop to graze. When the grass runs out we house cattle to protect the land from environmental damage & soil erosion. During winter the animals are only ever fed home-grown grass silage or hay, along with a free-access organic seaweed meal to ensure a healthy balance of essential minerals in their diet.


Our flock of grassfed sheep are grazed on pasture year round as they are lighter and cause less damage to the soils than heavier cattle. Sheep also prefer shorter grass swards which are easier to maintain throughout winter. Sheep may be housed periodically for routine management such as shearing.

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