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Diced Dexter Beef Stewing Steak - 500g

£6.00 (Sold out)

500g (1.1lb) of our finest grassfed Dexter beef diced stewing steak.

Any lean cut of beef may be diced for stewing steak but the usual suspects are shin and leg, although sometimes our premium roasting joints from the rump and shoulder may be used to produce tasty little nuggets of beefy goodness. Beef & Ale, or Beef Bourguignon are obvious boozy creations, but if you'd rather save the alcohol for drinking, go with a classic curry or  a slow cooked Steak & Kidney pie.

Total minimum order of 5kg for national & (free) local delivery.

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A donation will be made to the Friends of the Lower Derwent Valley with every order

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