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Red Dexter Cowhide ref. DX007

£200.00 (Sold out)

This is a pure Dexter (red) cowhide.

These luxury cow hides are entirely tanned here in Britain, helping to maintain the British leather industry - they are sold individually due to the variation between individuals and prices reflect size and level of natural blemishing/holes. Hair on hide rugs are also used for leatherworking, historical reenactment and the real paleo experience!

This naturally shaped hide is approximately 27 square feet in area. The colour is an even dark, golden red with lighter flanks. The finish is quite long and fluffy with a wavy hair pattern. As the skins are removed by hand, using only a sharp knife, they sometimes develop small holes during the tanning process. In this hide there are two small holes, one at the rear & fore ends, close to the mid-line.

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