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Producing food for people is hard work for not a lot of money so at Rosewood Farm we decided to start making space for wildlife, because a) British wildlife needs all the help it can get at the moment and b) it's much more interesting having a farm full of wildlife. We overlooked the fact that wild animals don't actually pay for their food, and seemingly forgot how important it is to create a bit of habitat for ourselves...

It was too late to stop now though, as the wild flora & fauna of the Yorkshire Ings was flourishing because of our regenerative methods. How can you look a Curlew in the eye and say "sorry mate, I can't afford to do this anymore".  I decided that if only people knew just how important our Dexter cattle are to the local wildlife, maybe they would start eating more beef to fund our work? So, I started a blog, spreading the message about what we do, and why. It worked, at last, people were interested!

However, writing blogs and photography actually takes up time - who knew? And to cut a long story short, it turned out that not everyone who reads our blog and follows me on Twitter actually buys beef - some of them are farmers producing their own, some are at the other side of the world where we can't ship to, and even many vegans are loving the work we do!

So, I've set up the new funding system so that, if you like what we do for regenerative agriculture, the soil, the climate and/or wildlife, and want to support us in doing it, you may now become a Patron of Rosewood Farm. The fund will help us to employ more local people, plant more hedges, erect more bird boxes and maybe, one day, save more wildflower meadows from the plough, watch this space...

Thank you.


A Friend of Rosewood Farm

£2.50 per month

Farming on a floodplain was never going to be easy, but your support makes all the difference.


£5 per month

A little goes a long way - keeping the cows grazing our wildflower meadows maintains the diversity of flowers from one year to the next - great for the bees!

Barn Owl

£10 per month

Maintaining the organic meadows and rough grassland gives lots of habitat for the Barn Owl's favourite food - Field Voles. The Yorkshire Ings is probably the best place in the country to see Barn Owls.

Brown Hare

£40 per month

Apparently Brown Hares are a declining species nationally, but you wouldn't know it in the Yorkshire Ings. You don't have to spend long in the here to spot a Hare running across the lanes or grazing in the fields.


£80 per month

Not all of our cows end up in beef burgers some characters get to mooch around the meadows for their entire lives. For £80 per month you can sponsor a bovine like Atom to do just that.